Clearing the Mind After Months of Isolation

It’s June 2020 and the last few months have been a time of lockdown, self-realisation and re-adjusting to modern living. Now (in June) we are a few months into the Covid19 pandemic and I’m working from home (copywriting/content writing). Due to my medical condition, I have to restrict myself from human contact – for the general population the “2-meter rule”  applies, however, I have been self-isolating as much as possible.

To help with mental health I have been riding my bike again (first time enjoying it in years) after nearly selling it a few months ago, and I’ve began hiking again.

The photo below is from ‘Hen Mountain’ in the Mourne Mountains, looking down towards the northern side of Spelga Dam, which is not visible in the photo.

The sun was shining but the wind was fierce (hence the slightly blurry image) and couldn’t stay here at the top for more than a few minutes.


A note from 2016

Sound, like an image, atomic listen to cure.
Reside, so the active substance judicial my women can structure.
Architecture, cosmic tissue genetic sonic place.
Urge, now faculty what my operation military domestic resume.
Audition, what more music can free a condition.

From back in 2016, when I was on some serious medical-drugs for my illness. I’m not totally sure what I was meaning with this, but my mind was clearly in a different place.

Memoirs for a special person and her place in my heart for eternity.

“Just over a month ago my good friend Ayu passed away and headed back to the stars. To pay my respects I set out this morning to her and our beloved ‘Pixie Land’.”

“This forest-paradise has long been an area of reflection, escapism and inner-peace for myself, Ayu and her husband Paul, who’s practically my brother. We’ve been exploring is area closer to two decades and feel at home from the moment we arrive.”

Built during the peak of the industrial revolution, but now sits in a remote location. This area is unknown to most, which virtually guarantees you will not see trace of another human while here. In the last 20 years I have never seen anyone, just the occasional footprint or mark left by another.

“This place also held a special place in Ayu’s heart, so I came here today for reconciliation and to figuratively be with friends who are far away from this land.”

“My goal was to place something in this forest to remeber her by, and I did so by carving her name for eternity into a tree. I done this beside our favourite camp fire location using a shard of flint I picked up from the river bed and contrasted the carving with charcoal from the last fire we had here over 2 years ago. I haven’t been back there since 2017 and I don’t know if I can ever go back and feel the same warmth.”

Ayu was an exceptional person, brought a smile to the face of everyone she met and was stronger mentally, and driven with more prestige than anyone I have ever known and will ever meet again.

Much Love







Sounds for memory:!ApSR4oFqMTWLlEZh2_EI7erRSAtf?e=tdOyWf










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Progress, Projects and Inner-discovery.

I have been drifting away from my fine-art thoughtfulness and focusing primarily on portrait work (and anything that makes money).

10 years ago in 2009, I lived in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, North England. After many years living there I began a photography project that encapsulated my love for hiking, exploration and handheld photography (no tripods). The catch being is that these photo’s would be taken at night and to achieve any results would require concentration and mediation during exposure.

This project was titled Halfway From Home, which was as much about the Lake District as it was about anything else, with hints of my experience’s and thoughts interweaved but not part of the context visually.


10 years later from when I began the above project (August 2009), a lot has changed in my life. Friends have split, others living in different countries and continents, and some friends are no longer with us.

Personally, In recent years I have been diagnosed with MS, which changed my life from being primarily about riding bikes, exploring without thoughts on my health or concerns of my mental state – I am now somewhat a different person than I was a decade a go.

On the plus, I am privledged to have somewhere to live, a partner for life, great people around me doing great things to help others.


Back to the project at hand

I now aim to take this project in a different direction. To focus more on issues in my life and others around me.

More of a self portrait, this project is a self-reflection of who I am, what I have experienced and where life is going for me and the world around me.

1st exposure taken last night below, not the project as a whole, but it is the first image of this project, showing a scene in my home that I see everyday.

Thoughts and feedback welcome.

Thank you for reading.

Happy when away from ‘it all’

A few more from our little road-trip at the beginning of April.

Nothing better than cruising with no real direction or destination, taking every corner in a relaxed manner, winching up every hill and rolling down winding country roads while totally content with life.

This mini-project was part of Jason Avery’s #camerachallenge which required the use of expired/out of date film, I shot my contribution when on the road.

Camera: Nikon F

Film: Kodak DoubleX

A rugged harbor on the lonely Irish coastline.

More often than not, I feel that there is little else going on in the world that could be worth caring for when traveling around the coastal roads in Ireland (and country back roads in general).

Much of this country is like being shuttled back in time and the feeling of being alone in these distant places is a calming sensation that steps away from the modern worlds pace.

Shot with my Nikon F film camera, loaded with Kodak Double-X 35mm film.

#filmphotography #mentalhealth #Ireland

Last snap of the day

I got back to my car after a long session at the gym and noticed this symmetry as dusk approached.

This car park is situated beside a skatepark, which is under a motorway bridge in Belfast city centre, it was quite loud with a mix of audio from the park and the road.

Scene captured with my Nikon F, using Kodak Double-X film.

#filmphotography #belfast #bridges #skatepark #blackandwhite #ireland

After hundreds of miles on the road, we ended up here.

It was like an echo chamber for the wind and waves, as the birds were gliding around the cliff-edges.

Ireland may not be the sunniest or warmest country on Earth but sure holds its own unique beauty.

All these images were taken using my Nikon F and expired Kodak Double-X motion film and Ilford HP5+. All raw, unedited negatives.

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