With spray by my heels and fire by my face,

I cannot think of a more homely place,

But until the sun sets on you,

I’ll cross the chutes, in search of some place new, which will never quite do.

When are horizons flat to see?

What of the ocean has abandoned me,

I’ve somehow learnt to long for some place new,

When the adjacent roof used to ‘just do’, those days; they flew.

I’ll cross the chutes, and dream a-new.


The Holiday.  Roll 10/10 New Lomo Purple

I would have been been very surprised had you have not brought a film camera 🙂

Interesting results with this film and I look forward to the next 9 rolls!

Film Photography London

I recently spent two weeks in Malta for our family holiday. I originally wasn’t going to take any film cameras with me just my trusty Fuji XT1 as it was a family holiday and not a photography trip.

This thought process didn’t last very long and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t have my Olympus OM1n with me. The next decision was what film stock to take. I ultimately decided to take a mixture of films to try different things. I also challenged myself to shoot 10 rolls in those two weeks. Considering it was a family holiday which would mostly be spent sitting next to a swimming pool it was quite a challenge to set myself. The following films were chosen.

10 rolls, 360 exposures, 8 emulsions and 4 different developing processes

For each emulsion I will do a separate blog post. Today’s post is the…

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Smugglers Cave Camping

Towards the end of June 2017, a friend and myself camped in the old Smugglers Caves at Portmuck, Northern Ireland. Known primarily for the smuggling of horses many moons ago, the feeling of age in this location and echoes of its past inhabitants is evident. I sat for a long while as the sun was slowly brightening the sky, thinking if there was someone sitting pondering like myself hundreds of years ago… maybe they were thinking of people who had sat there before them as I was, thinking about who would be sitting there in the future or just enjoying the lulling of the sea against the cliffs as another day begins.

Here are some photos I took that show the collecting of wood, making dinner, lighting the cave (decorating our home for the evening), high tide and the moment the sun came up…














The sun had risen, the tide was far enough out to head back along the coast and there was still one candle burning, just about to go out… it was time to depart.


All photos shot using a Canonet QL17 GIII 35mm rangefinder film camera. Film used was Kodak Portra ASA 160.

Browns Bay to Portmuck #GlensOfAntrim

A friend and myself have walked and explored a lot of the Antrim Coast Line, however we have never walked the entire stretch of this close to home section on the beginning outcrop of the Glens of Antrim.

What we discovered was a rugged landscape, seeming largely untouched with the exception of lots of old, battered and corroded lobster pots. I found this fascinating and in taking these shots, hope it shows a bit of history and an essence of the place.













All shot with an Olympus OM-1n 35mm analog film camera and 50mm/f1.4 lens on Agfa Vista 200 film.

Revisited: First Terrarium, pushing 2 years.

I started this experiment on 11th January 2015 and although a few things have changed, in terms the environment; it’s stayed the same. The original tree like sprout as I had hoped would remain and continue as a micro tree of life so to speak, it slowly became like a wild environment over time.

No new plant life has been added, just trimmed back to control it. I found a very old shotgun shell near by and added that also.