Hares Gap, Mourne Mountains

I hadn’t been hiking in the Mournes for a while and the conversation came up last week with my friend Grace, who had never been hiking before and was keen to experience the challenge of getting to the top of a mountain.

We set off early and made it our plan to get to the saddle between Sleive Commedagh and Sleive Bearnagh known as Hares Gap. Not as high a hike as a mountain summit but for a first hiking challenge it’s definately an impressive feat and the views at the top are fantastic.

Well done Grace!

The Globe, Carlisle

A bar yes, but more of a hub for a wide community of like-minded individuals. The owner Steve and his wife took the bar over a few years before we were first there and while keeping the aesthetics of this old traditional pub alive, he was in persuit of a place were people could be themselves, express themselves and feel at home.

Some of the greatest and most memorable experiences that I hold dear were in this ‘pub’. However, not due to the ‘night out affect’ but it was the atmosphere, community open stage (music, poetry, people speaking their mind) and exceptional soundtrack and welcoming feeling this place brought.

Last I heard the bar had closed and Steve was unwell – maybe he knew all along that the Globe was destined to be a shimmer that changed the lives of so many.

11 Years Ago – Documenting Carlisle’s Outskirts Before The Bypass

Before the Carlisle Bypass had been completed, 2009

I have decided to upload this project from a few years ago, 2009 to be exact.

The images are of the landscape that was being changed due to the Carlisle (County Cumbria, England) Bypass being put in place. I took these images as a record of what this area looked like before a motorway became to dominant feature. All the images were shot using a 5×4 monorail camera, using Provia 100 film and tri-pod. I walked the length of the bypass (4 Miles) for many weeks, taking a variation of photographs.

Ultimately my repetition ended up showing how bleak the landscape had become, there were no frills or dramatic sunsets, this was an area doomed to modernisation, rolling hills gone and plains changed forever.