Things have changed, wallet gets lighter…


In the last few weeks there have been a few changes and additions, so I think it’s about time I ‘introduce’ my tools.

Signal chain from right to left:
Guitar – not in picture
Electro harmonics BigMuffPi – gives a nice warm fuzz (not distortion really) and lifelong sustain if holding a note.
Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo – splits the current and re-feeds it back in around at a different volume, creates a tremor or shimmer effect.
EarthQuakerDevices Afterneath – the most recent addition and the craziest, ping pongs cave like swells all the way to a distant planet and bounces the sound back; mental.
Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe – seems to split the current and saturate it, can create a very warm like wobble in the sound, along the lines of Jimi Hendrix or Eddie Hazel.
Boss RC3 (red) and grey switch controllers FS6 – loop station for jamming, writing and recording anything that can be played.
Boss EQ7 – for tweaking and fine tuning the tone through the bass, middle and treble levels. This is running straight into the back of the amp to shape the tone before anything else interferes between the guitar and the front of the amp Jack input.
Behringer GMX 212 – V tone amp modelling amplifier. Not the richest sound from this amplifier but it is extremely versatile and with the additions above, it sounds great. I have had it for over 10 years and am still discovering new things it can do.

That’s it folks, I’m by no means a pro but I do love the sound of a guitar, I not completely satisfied with mine yet but I don’t know if I ever will be haha.

Exponential experimental


This is my current music/creative setup for what has become recording loops and samples using a series of techniques, mainly with a guitar.

I am trying to create something with an interesting and experimental sound, so the songs may not exactly be a chart toppers but that’s not the intention.

If you would like to hear what I have created so far, then you can check out my soundcloud account via the link below. I try and add at least a track every week; but the process can be quite slow.