New year, New spring, New growth

I started off with a greenhouse effect for my new seeds, then replanted them yesterday morning in larger pots. This morning I woke up to increased growth, it’s probably the first time I have started growing from scratch, with seeds.

There is a combination of basil, chives, Japanese Kochia Bush (thanks to me friends) and some other random plantings.





I got some images uploaded from a project I done a few years ago and you can view them via my dropbox link below due to the largish image file size (large format).

Some info on the project first –

Before the Carlisle Bypass had been completed, 2009

The images are of the landscape that was being changed due to the Carlisle (County Cumbria, England) Bypass being put in place. I took these images as a record of what this area looked like before a motorway became to dominant feature. All the images were shot using a 5×4 monorail camera, using Provia 100 film and tri-pod. I walked the length of the bypass (4 Miles) for many weeks, taking a variation of photographs. Ultimately my repetition ended up showing how bleak the landscape had become, there were no frills or dramatic natural features, this was an area doomed to modernisation, rolling hills gone and plains changed forever.

Thinking of Voyager

I’ve got a bit of a inkling towards the journey in which these sattelites are on. Without thinking too much on the subject, I jotted this down in my notepad.

‘The universe is vast, beyond thought and the evidence of our existence extends barely 100 light years.’

Red Dead Rest

It’s slowly approaching a year since this photo was taken and our Mediterranean adventure was underway.

This lake is situated on the north-north-west section of Mallorca and is a beautiful place and from memory I don’t think we seen a single tourist on the lake area (just two middle aged British bird watchers who were enjoying the environment also).

The name references the Red Dead Redemption game where this location chimed a bell in our heads at the time.