Prior to our wedding, my wife suggested having a few photographs framed and placed on display showing how happy our grandparents were on their wedding day.

Sadly both my grandparents shown here passed away within the last few years but this photograph, although I had only discovered it recently; is a poignant reminder of how they once were. The memories of my childhood and upbringing however are what I cherish.

Don’t let your fading, paper dreams slip away through the cracks in the floor.
Your life is on a ‘sell-by’, which won’t be printed in front of you.
Make the most of what you’ve got, you’ve probably been told no-one is perfect.
Remember your role model is missing something you’ve got.

I wrote this during the week before my 21st birthday, I had known my girlfriend at the time for less than a month, 9 years later she is now my wife. Looking back it’s good to know that at the time, I meant what I was thinking and writing down.

“If it gets too loud outside,
I’ll play your favourite songs.
And if I get too far away,
I’ll carry, a pocket-full of your photos.
Cuz If I cannot be with you,
I think I’d rather be alone.
Because when I’m lonely,
I hope the wind, can carry your sweet whisper.”

Day zero (avocado growth experiment)


I have been eating an avocado a day for a while now and the seed/pit has fascinated me from the beginning.

I decided this morning to give growing an avocado plant a try, by partially submerging it in water. I’m not hoping for fruit to show, even if it starts to root I would be happy.

In the image above I quickly realised that I had the seed the wrong way around. The broader side should be facing downwards. So I changed my toothpick alignment.


Half of a lifetime.


I’ve had this guitar for almost 15years, I turn 30 in a few weeks and I don’t think I have a more valued possession!

It’s been through a lot of changes (electric-wise), its travelled around with me a lot over the years and I’ve changed a lot since I was 15years old; let’s hope I can hand it on to someone else later in life who will appreciate it just as much as I have.

Until then, I hope it will make it to 30 also and onwards.

Time to relax


A small world thriving inside a jar. This terrarium has become very diverse inside, reflecting the area from which the contents were acquired many months ago.

There is a very different sense of environment involved with terrarium creation, specifically if the contents are sourced from the same remote area, creating an enclosed micro-environment that will flourish.