As most of the chords have very long names, it was quicker and easier to jot down the tabs. However the names for a lot of these chords were found online, I’m not pretending to know them. I instantly decided I had no interest in learning their names; no point really if I can simply remember how to play them.


New Guitar Day



I have been playing my Yamaha Pacifica Custom constantly for about 15 years, I’ve had a few other guitars come and go but always have fallen back to the Pacifica.

I  have been searching for a guitar like this for many years and have not been able to find the perfect instrument that I enjoy exceptionally.

About 6 years ago I was interested in a Gretsch which clocked in about £800… I saved the money and after having popped into various first shops for many months before hand: when it came to committing to it, I couldn’t… It just didn’t feel right. Within the last 15 years since I began playing I have had a Yamaha Pacifica (custom), Mexican Tele, American Tele (highway one), Ibanez 2355 and nothing lasted for more than a year or so before being sold on… Well apart from the Yamaha (I do still enjoy playing it) and the 2355 which is so beat up, its gonna cost about £600 to repair.

Then last Friday I walked past a local guitar shop and seen this baby in the window and was captivated instantly. However I denied the possibly of seriously buying it at the time, but it was all I could think about that night.

I called the owner in the morning and told him I was going to come in to try it out, after 40mins or so of playing it, I then told him I would take it if he could hold it until Tuesday… So I went in today, bought it and it now is sitting facing me after many hours of enjoyment (and many many more to come).


Walk in the Woods with Logan, Sunshine and Tea

As I promised to myself yesterday, whatever the weather, I was heading back for a relaxing walk through the woods. My dog came along and as always, he thoroughly enjoys the adventure; as do I.

Just a few shots added below to look back on for myself and hopefully others around the world can enjoy the beauty and majestic setting of the forests in Ireland on a sunny day.




#CatBells Fell, #Cumbria (June 2010)


I have came across some of my old travel journals and sketch books. This quick sketch was done before walking up the fell to the top of the Cat Bells.

And this is an image from (near) the top.


Followed by well deserved carrot cake (or ginger cake, cannot remember) at the summit.


What a beautiful location the Lake District in Northern England was to live. I still occasionally have dreams that I am still there, then suddenly wake up disappointed.

An unexpected journey, onto making tea

I was about to make a brew just after lunch time today when I came across a compact camping stove a friend bought me for Christmas. Due to recent events I hadn’t gotten around to using it. So I headed to my local (but secluded and very rarely visited) woods and made a brew and listed to some music. It was a very chilled afternoon!







To set the day off, I came across a badger set that I had discovered about 2 years ago, it was good to see there are still fresh tracks leading in! 🙂IMG_3289.JPGI was also struggling to get a decent macro shot in this light (granted I was using a bridge camera). However, with the flash turned way down and using my finger tip as a ‘makeshift softbox’, I’m happy enough with the lighting.


This is the first time I have been out in the ‘wild’ alone in many, many months. Since a few life altering realisations have come to be, I have not been as mobile, confident or inspired to do anything in this nature, which is bizarre as I have always revelled at the possibility of being alone in nature, even if only for a few hours, where no-one else on the planet knows where you are. Its a great feeling being alone in a world built on efficiency and demand.

I look forward to the next outing.