In light of recent times

Personally the last year so far has been tough but I’ll not go into too much detail on this. I have definitely taken a more positive approach and in many ways I see my fate as luck, things can always be much worse.

Rather than try to express how I feel in any other way, I typed this up whilst unable to sleep the early hours this morning.

To the shield bearer and spear holder, defending and pushing my advance through the hardship of recent times.

In times of uncertainty, this force of enrichment enforces her love, which succeeds to vindicate my approach in life’s troublesome endeavour.

There has been no period as real as the present. Before this thought, I’ve often been living within memory or attempting to self advocate on the future.

Living day by day with my mind set on what’s actually occurring. Enjoying the happiness of life opposed to reconciliation or planning for a potential spark, when the light is here right now smiling at me.