Todays surprises..

Aside from receiving a new camera lens in the post and some Purple tea from the Lancang county in the Jingmai mountainous area of China. I went to a gardening shop unexpectedly with a friend and ended up coming home with some Succulent plants.

Some creativity and relaxation in the afternoon.

A day at ‘Winterfell’ and ‘The Twins’

Known locally as Castle Ward, this castle and the surrounding estate are used for the Game of Thrones set filming for the fortress of ‘Winterfell’, home of the Stark family (initially then the Boltons briefly) and The castle of House Frey known as ‘The Twins’.

Of course a lot of CGI is used to get these very old castles to look as the film crew (and especially George R.R. Martin has envisioned), but they are still a spectacular example of 16th Century architecture.


Morning thought

​Strive to get emotionally lost, in the natural environments still left on this world, which are devoid of modern progress. To think we are the most advanced chapter in human history is naive, we are sending humanity on a downward spiral. This is a natural cycle throughout history and is not to be concerned about on the larger scale, species come and go, nothing lasts forever. However, the modern decline is one that has humanity taking the planet with them, speeding up the process and ultimately lowering the chance of life, at all levels, fully recovering.

New Work in Progress

I’ve been working on this body of work for quite some time without realising, but with being out in the open/wild so often, my photos seem to carry a similar feel. So with this in mind; I’m beginning to take this project seriously.

  • Shot using Canon QL17 GIII and Olympus OM-1 with Agfa 200 (35mm)