Dynamics of Reality

Scholars and Philosophers from the ancient epoch to the contemporary period have tried to understand human thought in relation to where we reside without satisfying results – it never will be understood, but it’s a constant underlying process in everyone’s mind.

Camera: Nikon F
Film: Kodak Double-X 400 pushed +1 stop

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Spring Cleaning

Beach clean-up’s, removing the waste dumped on distant shores, which has made the voyage to Ireland upon the tide. Walking beaches, with the mountains on the horizon while planning for spring hiking, bike riding and rock climbing in the Mourne Mountains…my Nikon F is with me on every journey.

Dream a Friend had.

A friend for many years, almost a third of my life at this point, often we discuss the meaning of life, philisophy and creative thinking, over the years sharing of surreal and strange dreams has become a thing also.

The following is a direct copy and paste of his dream summary.

To Quote:

“I was trying to get a haircut and I was driving my bicycle to the hair dressers. It was like a polish run down town all words were a foreign language. I got to the hair dressers it was in a public toilet where on one side people were pissing and on the other 2 chairs with people getting haircuts. and they were full so they gave me an address to another location. So off I went and it was a tiny ticket/security booth with a barber chair in it but beyond it was a huge area filled with diggers and cranes and jcbs lying on their sides.
Out of my own mouth I said “oh they must be sleeping” and the owner next to me was jut like yeah they’ve worked hard today.
Then I tried to get my haircut and the dude said I could only get one if I married his daughter. I agreed and i married his daughter (who was hot as shit) and then slowly and weirdly I never noticed in the dream but only when I woke up but the daughter I married slowly turned into a jcb digger

I remember being in a party introducing the digger as my wife.
Don’t think I ever did get the haircut.

There was something else in between the toilet barbers and marrying the jcb but I just can’t remember it”