Happy when away from ‘it all’

A few more from our little road-trip at the beginning of April.

Nothing better than cruising with no real direction or destination, taking every corner in a relaxed manner, winching up every hill and rolling down winding country roads while totally content with life.

This mini-project was part of Jason Avery’s #camerachallenge which required the use of expired/out of date film, I shot my contribution when on the road.

Camera: Nikon F

Film: Kodak DoubleX

A rugged harbor on the lonely Irish coastline.

More often than not, I feel that there is little else going on in the world that could be worth caring for when traveling around the coastal roads in Ireland (and country back roads in general).

Much of this country is like being shuttled back in time and the feeling of being alone in these distant places is a calming sensation that steps away from the modern worlds pace.

Shot with my Nikon F film camera, loaded with Kodak Double-X 35mm film.

#filmphotography #mentalhealth #Ireland

Last snap of the day

I got back to my car after a long session at the gym and noticed this symmetry as dusk approached.

This car park is situated beside a skatepark, which is under a motorway bridge in Belfast city centre, it was quite loud with a mix of audio from the park and the road.

Scene captured with my Nikon F, using Kodak Double-X film.

#filmphotography #belfast #bridges #skatepark #blackandwhite #ireland

After hundreds of miles on the road, we ended up here.

It was like an echo chamber for the wind and waves, as the birds were gliding around the cliff-edges.

Ireland may not be the sunniest or warmest country on Earth but sure holds its own unique beauty.

All these images were taken using my Nikon F and expired Kodak Double-X motion film and Ilford HP5+. All raw, unedited negatives.

#ireland #filmphotography #photography #believeinfilm #heritage #beauty